Event Promotion: Marketing Tools

Event Promotion: Marketing Tools

Event promotion can be more effective than ever if you use the right tools.  Marketing tools can leverage your time, as well as help you to gain awareness for your event. Outbound marketing tools, inbound marketing tools, and landing page tools are all examples of those that can be used for event promotion.

Outbound marketing means marketing where the company starts the conversation, and in turn sends the message that it is trying to convey to the audience. Outbound marketing is essential in that it is a way to reach people who are not necessarily looking for your event (but, hopefully, are still interested). The tools, here, are essential to making sure you do reach people who are interested.  The Google Keyword Planner helps with finding keywords, on search engines, that people are using to discover events just like yours. The Facebook Ads Manager allows you to make bulk changes to ads run on the social network, which means you can zero your ads in on the targeting specifications and design elements that make the difference. Another essential tool in regards to outbound marketing are conversion tracking pixels: these snippets of code allow Facebook, Google, or other outbound marketing platforms to tell you when someone makes a purchase by placing them on the page that only customers will see. These are just a small list of outbound marketing tools, but the essence of the post is that you should look for any that will help you get the job done.

Inbound marketing can be one of the most effective methods of marketing online because, as opposed to outbound, your audience is finding you.  This method can help turn strangers into leads, customers, and possibly promoters for your event. The focus of inbound marketing is to develop quality content that attracts people to your event and convinces them to take action. With this, there are certain tools that should be used while implementing an inbound marketing strategy. Competitive research tools for search engine optimization such as Market Samurai give you a highly detailed report of competitive search engine keywords.  Wordpress is another: blogging is a big part of inbound marketing, and they provide the market leader in content management solutions for blogging. Social media dashboards are essential as well, and SproutSocial helps with engagement across platforms in addition to analytics and monitoring. Google analytics is our final choice: it works with inbound marketing (as well as outbound) to evaluate the results from marketing efforts. Using these tools will help you reach and analyze the interactions with your audience, so that you can promote your event effectively and boost attendance in a meaningful way.

Using landing pages is the final step to any event promotion with an online component, so we wanted to make sure to cover that base. A landing page is a single webpage that presents details about your event and in turn captures an action from a visitor. You can place a video of past events, images, and/or text on the page to create the most convincing content possible. There are different tools that can be used for event promotion that involves landing pages.  Resources like Unbounce and LandingPage.net are tools that allow you to design a landing page, publish, test, and optimize to see what elements are most effective in convincing your audience to buy.  MixPanel, once you’ve done this, can be used similar to Google Analytics to evaluate the results from the traffic and where optimizations can be made. Landing pages are a must-have for event marketing. Because of this, keep an eye on the tools you can use to increase their effectiveness.

Outbound marketing, inbound marketing, and using landing pages can prove to be advantageous when promoting your event.  Using the different tools that are outlined, and more, will help to engage your audience in a way that works.  These tools will allow you to streamline your marketing campaigns for optimum results.

Event promotion can be simple if you are using the right tools.  As an event promoter, what marketing tools do you use?  Have they been helpful in boosting ticket sales?  Let us know what you use in the comments below.




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